Genesoc Appreciation Day

Four years ago, I met the craziest and most brilliant bunch of people. Yep, those are the two words that can describe them, crazy and totally brilliant. My best friends in university were already members of that group that I always see laughing or studying in the hallway.  To cut the story short, I joined the organization. My initial purpose was to have good grades while having fun. I also wanted friends, and as I saw them, I was pulled by their viral laughs everyday. Inevitably, I got pulled by the magic. Here are the things that Genesoc gave me in my two and a half years of being a resident member:


When you join Genesoc, your instant family is your batch mates. We are probably one of the clingiest group ever. We would cry and laugh and eat and just the experience of going through the application process created a lasting bond for the eight of us. Now that we’ve grown up a bit, there’s still that warm, fuzzy feeling in calling someone, “batch”.


Ninong or Ninang (Sponsors)

You will get two fairy god mamas. I got two gorgeous Ninangs in this org. They are sweet and beautiful inside and out. They supported me all the way and we’re still good friends until now. fb_img_1438143450347

Lifelong Friends

Through every activity, there are a lot of things that needs to be done in the background. Most of them aren’t pretty, add it up with the mountain of exams, it’s just the perfect formula for exhaustion. But I got through it because of these people.


The energy each one of us had  motivated us throughout the hardest times. That bond is still so strong up to this day even though we are already very far from each other. Another thing you’ll have buddies to party with, not just in college, but after graduation as well.


Some of our activities were medical missions, genetics camp, national intercollegiate genetics quiz contest, genetics week, bio 30 week, lectures, and a lot more. This post wouldn’t be enough to discuss all of them. But the actual getting our hands dirty and just doing the meaningful work is the best part of it all. For us, it wasn’t  about proving to others that we are a great organization. It was more of doing what we feel will contribute to the people that we come across with, from that high school kid who’s interested in science or to the members of a community who has no access to medicines.  1174934_10151582923591816_1454861279_n


Every time we invite a speaker for our symposium, we get tons of valuable information that just blows our mind. Being able to know the latest studies in biotechnology, forensics, specifically those in the Philippine setting opened up our intellectual portals.



We get inspired by the people we meet, our alumni and all the members. There’s just so much passion and unwavering commitment for the mission.



We feel called to be of service.

To be able to serve, and have joy while doing it? It’s the best feeling.


I just really wanted friends, but I got so much more, which is amazing. Happy 33rd anniversary The UPLB Genetics Society.  I’ll always come back to you. 



Batch Emergenesis

Author: Katey

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