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My Sun

Yours was the sunset that brought me to my knees,
but you are and always will be, my sunrise.

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Love is

Love is your sister cooking breakfast for you everyday. Love is your dad checking up on you if you’re okay. Love is your friend or lover asking you, “How was your day?” Love is that stranger you saw last night giving a few pennies to the quiet kid near the subway. Love is the sun […]

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To the Men in My Life

You are the first man who taught me about love. What I know about this four letter word and how it should look like is because of you You are far from perfect, there were times that I hated you But for giving me life, for protecting and guiding me, Papa, the worth that I […]

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Wind beneath my hair Sunlight on my skin Coffee on the bench Grass under my feet I never felt this peace Or so I thought I’d never feel it again.   You are my sanctuary My oasis in the desert The calm in my storm The warmth of my favorite blanket The softness of my […]

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A Prose for the Hurting

Sometimes you wake up less grateful than you should be Seeing more of the disappointments that this life has struck you Sometimes you get tired of being who you are Strength is inconsistent though you try you still fall down You may shed a tear or two or utter curse words You may go back […]