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What are you here for?

What are we here for? This is a question that many of us want to answer. Some people spend their whole lives finding the reason behind their existence. How do we know what our purpose is and how do we live in line with it? The unraveling of our life’s purpose starts at the moment […]

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A fool

Everything has been unstable as long as i can remember. Maybe that’s the reason why I want to be a doctor, to have a stable job, a stable home, and everything stable because I never had that. I never felt like tomorrow will not be a struggle. I was born in a problematic, and kinda […]

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Of fallen dreams

Tunnel vision. Clear goal. I had all of that. I thought that if I want something bad enough, even if the world screams impossible, that goal would still materialize. Was I wrong? Apparently. As soon as I left my job I had the time to think about where I am in my life. Am I […]