Life Pledge

To be a light in this world

To give kindness to anyone I meet

To be of service to humanity

To love and be a physical manifestation of love

To understand instead of judge

To be more loving, kind, and, compassionate

To forgive myself for my shortcomings

To be okay with being imperfect

To improve every single day

To help a person in need in any way that I can

To acknowledge the pain

To change when there is a need to

To be a witness to my thoughts instead of being my thoughts

To work harder

To smile as much as possible

To be a cheerleader for others

To be passionate in my work

To recognize the significance of my existence

To realize how fleeting life is

To accept what can’t be changed

To be honest with my truth

To see things through other people’s lenses

To be joyous in small victories

To see life as a journey

To unleash my highest potential

To be in the moment

To be a vessel of a power greater than any of us

To be.