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What being 27 taught me

Hey there readers, I just turned 28 last month, and I found this craving for writing again about how life has been. I have started this blog seven years ago, as a form of self-expression, as a way of making sense about everything that was happening around me. What does 27 year-old Kate know about […]

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Takbo. Habol. Lipad. Sabi nila kailangan ko daw matutong huwag tumigil, kahit pagod na, ang huminga ng saglit ay bawal, kung tagumpay ang hangarin.   Ngiti. Halakhak. Labas ang ngipin. Ang sarap tumawa, sana’y walang katapusan, kung sumaya ay ganon kadali, bakit kayhirap gawin, tila marami ang malungkot sa atin?   Hinga. Pahingi ng pahinga. […]

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Jump and Fall

I am a risk taker. Period. When I say I take risks, it’s not the do or die extreme sports stuff that I’m talking about. I take risks, life-changing, mind-boggling, and disturbing risks to the people around me. I almost always say go for it. I won a lot of times when I just say, […]

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The Minute I Saw You

Was it your crooked teeth or your unruly hair? Was it how lonely you were and the way you stare? The minute I saw you, you were dark and brokenhearted. All I knew was I started feeling gloomy and my gut urged me to help you somehow. Was it when we talked and sparked a […]

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Kaytagal kitang hinintay. Oo, ikaw. Hindi naging madali ang ating pagtatagpo. Parehas tayong nagmahal ngunit sa kinasamaang palad ay nabigo. Sinabi natin sa ating sarili na di na natin bubuksan ang ating puso sa isang nilalang na kaya tayong gawing pinakamasayang tao sa mundo, at pinakamalungot. Mahal, sinasabi ko sayo na ngayong ika’y aking natagpuan, maaari […]

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Honesty Nightmare

I would often clam up at the moment of truth. I always say that I value honesty over a sweet lie. Truth is not something that we can expect from everyone. I myself am guilty of this sometimes, I mean most of the time. And so here I am facing my laptop, trying to be […]

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I wish I could tell you everything.

I wish I could be a hundred percent honest with you. I wish I could tell you that I miss our conversations about anything under the sun. I wish you didn’t build a wall and close everybody off. I wish you were consistent and honest. I wish you were ready. I wish you didn’t put […]

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The Cure for Worry

Have you ever felt a pang of loneliness that just seem to come out of nowhere? Like, yesterday you were feeling so great. In fact you thought you could conquer the world. You felt that you’re in the flow of things. You were unstoppable. But suddenly, this wave of emotions just submerged you in an […]

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What are you here for?

What are we here for? This is a question that many of us want to answer. Some people spend their whole lives finding the reason behind their existence. How do we know what our purpose is and how do we live in line with it? The unraveling of our life’s purpose starts at the moment […]

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A fool

Everything has been unstable as long as i can remember. Maybe that’s the reason why I want to be a doctor, to have a stable job, a stable home, and everything stable because I never had that. I never felt like tomorrow will not be a struggle. I was born in a problematic, and kinda […]