Your Personal Legend

When I say that you should read this book, I mean it from every fiber of my being. This is the second time that I’ve read it but it’s still timeless. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist has a lot of lessons that will help you follow your dreams and get back on track wherever you are in life.

1. Following your personal legend.

“When I grow up, I want to be a *insert a profession because teacher says you must say something because it’s kindergarten graduation.” But really, when you grow up it is hard to know what your personal legend is. You must try exploring hobbies, doing so many stuff, and if you are lucky, you get to know what you really want. I want you to listen to your heart. What is that thing that makes it skip a beat while you’re doing it? What is that thing that makes you forget that time exists? What is the dream that keeps you up at night and energized to wake up the next day? Keep on doing those and visualize yourself living that dream. That is your Personal Legend.

2. Listening to the Soul of the World

I could keep on describing or writing what Soul of the World means but I can never articulate it. I just know that doing what any situation asks of me keeps me close to my purpose. It feels right. It’s not supposed to take away your peace of mind. What is good for all is what the Universe wants and listening is the key. Look at the present. What does it ask of you?

3. Listening to Your Heart

This is easily said than done. Sometimes the noise of our ego and the world makes it hard to know what our heart is really saying. We all have ambitions and we need money to survive. More often than not, instead of making decisions out of love, we are acting in fear. When we are at a crossroad, that is the best time to be quiet and really listen to what your heart wants to say.

4. People will seldom believe in you.

In this fast paced world, you have to believe in yourself first. You have the talent and skills but are you confident in what you have to offer? If you are, then no amount of doubt from others will stop you from pursuing your Personal Legend. I mean this from personal experience. I have been discouraged by people whom I thought would support and believe in me, but I never listened to what they have to say. Why? Because I know myself better than anybody else, and the lion doesn’t care about the opinions of a sheep.

5. Staying in the Present

When we get overwhelmed, we think we can’t move forward and have our dreams realized. Or when tragedy strikes, we feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In the past few months, I thought, I couldn’t move anymore. Papa’s death felt like the end everything I worked hard for, and so I thought. Paying attention to the present and not future tripping gave me the momentum to go on. Sometimes all I could achieve was taking a bath, and that’s okay. As long as I just pay attention to the present, I move forward. I stopped thinking about the future. I do what I can to the best of my ability wherever I am. I hope you do too.

6. Action

Your dreams won’t go into fruition unless you move. No amount of complaining and planning will get you from Point A to Point B. It sucks. But it’s reality. No matter how uncomfortable putting yourself out there is, you just have to. Why? You don’t have a choice. Nobody gets successful by being a couch potato.

7. True love sets you free.

It’s not love if you feel pinned on a wall or shackled by chains. True love makes your heart warm and fuzzy. It gives you freedom. It makes you feel like you can take on the world and pursue your Personal Legend. If it impedes your growth, it’s not love.

8. Gold

We need it to survive but make it your God and you lose yourself. I have seen people change and do terrible things because of money. Some would be really amazing. They use money to help others follow their Personal Legends. Sadly, there are a lot who make getting and getting their Personal Legend. Money is a necessity but don’t be a slave to it.

9. Comparison

You do you. When you’revrunning a race, looking at the other guy will make you lose. In this digital era, we often fall in the trap of comparison. We feel like we are failing because we haven’t experienced other’s achievements. Your friends are getting married and having kids and you feel stuck. But, it’s sad. Because your own Personal Legend unfolds in its own time. Stay on your game. Love your journey.

10. Fear

Too many people are afraid to make the first move. We are scared of failing, of falling short of our expectations, and of being disappointed. But we always have to choose love. Fear is normal. I’ve read somewhere that you must “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Stop listening to that voice. It’s what’s keeping you from your Personal Legend. Use it as a guide but don’t listen to it all the time.

Those are just a few of the points that I found very profound in the book. We are one. We are here to be in harmony with the universe. My role at the moment is to express and use every skill given to me for the greater good. I found it in Science and Medicine. I hope and pray that you find yours and you live in line with your purpose. Go kick some ass on your journey.

Author: Katey

Hi, I'm Katey, a medical student, writer, teacher, and biologist. This is where I write the lessons that I've learned during my adventures. Hit follow to get my latest tips, life updates, and even poetry. If you want to live a life with passion and purpose then you have come to the right place. Keep on shining.

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